September 4,2013

Page「About JUSTEM」renewed.

「Message from the president」 was added.

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August 23,2013

Page「Designing procedure」renewed.

「Designing procedure」 renewed.

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August 17,2013

1 new machine updated to Products.

・「Sake Tasting Equipment (Type JSS-01)」 have been added.

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January 9,2013

5 new machines updated to Products.

・「SiC Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment (Type TME-05)」
・「MEMS Wafer Thickness・Si Stepped Measuring Equipment (Type TME-06)」
・「Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment (Type TME-07)」
・「Wafer Inspection Instrument (Type MWL-01)」
・「Chip Transfer Machine (Type CRM-01)」 have been added.

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July 21,2012

HomePage in English version renewed.

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