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Our know-how which is sophisticated by designing equipment for several types of wafer fabrication process, make sit applicable for other industries.

For semiconductor industry

Measurement equipment

For your needs and wishes, we JUSTEM offer and produce ideal thickness measurement machines for several applications such as Si wafers, SiC wafers, MEMS wafers, PV wafers and Sapphire wafers at each fabrication process.
Depending on your process requirement, there are some options available.
For example, for thickness measurement, you can choose either a direct or a non-direct measurement.
Clamping methods also can be chosen. For operation, you can select either automatic or manual mode.
For the data output style, you can select from several options.
In addition, the data output options are; downloading the data into your PC; or simply displaying raw data to PC display; or mapping the data graphically; or calculating the data and showing results.
Furthermore, the machines are not only stand-alone types, but we can also meet your in-line equipment requirement as well.

Labor-saving equipment

We understand that reducing production cost, higher tact-time performance and increasing production yield are the key factors for you as a manufacturing company.
We can make your dream come true. We will actualize your wishes by supplying labor-saving machines.

Processing equipment

Please contact us. We will meet to your requirement and make things better.

Inspecting equipment

We produce several inspecting machines which fit each fabrication process for Si wafers, SiC wafers, MEMS wafers, PV wafers and Sapphire wafers.
Most of our machines such as the scratch/crack inspection machine and bar code reading machine have achieved customer satisfaction.
You can select either a stand-alone type or an in-line type machine.

For other industries

For other industries

We have also experienced to design and produce specialized or customized machines for automobile industry, energy industry, and even medical industries.

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