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Message from the president

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JUSTEM CO.,LTD was established in 2005 as a venture company.
Thanks to customers and local people, we could develop and supply many products.
Our corporate policy is included the company name,
which means “we provide Just-fit system to customers.”
Many manufacturers tend to avoid customizing with risk and time in order to pursue a profit.
However, various conditions (requirements for quality, quantity of production, manpower, budget, etc) are differ with a factory, even within the company.
If we make the same product as competitors do, we don’t always surpass.
The customers must want “an special product for me” that is fit to production site.
I think that our mission and significance of existence is to keep responding this request.

JUSTEM sincerely responds customers’ voice which is a professional of manufacturing process. And we keep making a profound study of technology in order to share the joy with many customers.
We will do our best although our ability is limited, in order to contribute the industrial development of the home town, Japan, not to mention around the world.
Thank you for your consideration.

President Yoshinari Shinbo

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