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Privacy Policy

Use of personal information

  • 1.Protection of personal information
    The following are the company's measures for the protection of protection of personal information.
  • 2.Strengthening of employee training
    Regard to protection of personal information, all employees (including part-timer and contract worker) are given training.
  • 3.Preparation of internal regulation regarding protection of personal information
    We make preparation of internal regulations, in order to show a clear policy about using personal information.
    And if you leak out a personal information, we severely punish you.
  • 4.Setting up and enhancements of personal information manager
    With setting personal information manager in the company, maintenance and inspection of the corporate environment will be run to perform activities for the protection of personal information properly.
  • 5.Improvement of access environment for customers' date base
    We always reconsider access environment customers' date base and improve company environment where protection of personal information is thoroughgoing.
  • 6.Improvement of subcontracting
    Outsourcing will be aimed at an improvement to what considered protection of personal information more.
    When we enter into a consignment agreement, we examine eligibility as a partner of outsorcing and make a contract with more consideration for the protection of personal information.

The notation on the Personal Information Protection Law

We protect customer's information, and other than the purpose of carrying out a just enterprise in our company,it is not used at all.
Exclude coming under any of the following, we won't provide those information for a third parties without a customer's approval.

  • If disclosure were required by laws and ordinances, etc.
  • When we provide and disclose in the range required for the preparation, fulfillment, or after-sales service of products which our company provides.
  • A case of gaining a customer's approval.
  • If necessary in order to prevent serious damage for the life, health and property of a customer and the public.

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